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Primordia Review

Primordia Got Right + Great story that draws you in + Exciting post-apocalyptic world to explore + The narrator from Bastion voices the main character! Primordia Got Wrong – Adventure ends just… More →

Monaco review

Monaco Got Right + Stealth gameplay as it should be + Captures the heist movie feel + Fantastic fun to play co-op + Interesting story structure Monaco Got Wrong – Minor online… More →

Defiance review

Defiance Got Right + Fun as a co-op shooter + Heaps of crafting options + Enjoyable multiplayer Defiance Got Wrong – Heaps of bugs – Disappointing story – Awful AI – Why… More →

Bastion Review

When you blend a sublime artistic style with deep and engaging gameplay you have the ability to make a lasting impression. Bastion from Supergiant Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment not only… More →

Achron Review

Achron is one of the more interesting titles released in 2011. Apparently a real-time strategy game, this title will have you thinking it’s more of the same for the first segment of… More →