To the Moon, The Hidden Gem

This games is very emotional and heart touching! and it is a game i very much enjoyed!

Gameplay – 7/10

The overall gameplay was decent it had easy enough controls and was easy to access the menus and what not! the storyline and characters had you attached within minutes and almost crying right to the end! overall great gameplay 7/10

Presentation & Sound – 9/10

The graphics of this game are not the best as it is built on a RPG maker platform! but it is still good enought to have you immersed the great scenery. the soundtrack to this game is just amazing, piano and orchestra pieces are a great fit for the emotional bits and also gameplay, i very much enjoyed and respect the soundtrack and give presentation and sound a 9/10

Overall Conclusion

Overall this game is great, enjoyable and very emotional. combine this with a great soundtrack and amazing storyline you have To The Moon!

To the Moon, an Indie Adventure that grabs you from the start and wont let go till the bitter-sweet end.

To the Moon is an Indie Game developed by the studio “Free Bird Games”. While To the Moon isn’t their first game, this has been their biggest title yet. To the Moon released back in 2011 but won crowds over when it released on steam in 2012.

Gameplay in to the moon it is fantastic not for what your doing but why. The game is 110% story driven. From the start The moon grabs you and you begin your adventure clicking away in a world set by great characters in this Point and Click adventure. The “Mini Game” Puzzles are challenging enough to break the monotony but not hard enough to make you frustrated.

To the moons graphics are what get it some negative feedback. They are 32 bit, With a feel much like old school Final fantasy or Pokemon. In my opinion they suite the game and are nothing to worry about. The music is wonderful, it is written for the game and the vocals are brilliant! The vocalist for To the Moon is Laura Shigihara (she also did the vocals for Popcaps Plants VS Zombies)

Overall Conclusion

This game is a fantastic story driven experience that deserves a play through and for its tiny cost of steam its worth every penny. There is a Sequel in the works so continued support for the developer is key (since Indie developers rely on sales and donations)